Monday, April 21, 2008

2.5 Months Out

Technically we're not "The Nichols" yet, but we're close! 2.5 months away...82 days. We are so excited! It feels like our whole life has been leading up to this point and we just want to get there! Three years has never felt so short and sooooooo long at the same time.

In anticipation of this whole "moving in with a boy" thing that I am about to do, I decided it would be good to rid myself of all of that stuff I already know I will have no use for. 5 trash bags full of old throw pillows, clothes, shoes, picture frames, and purses. I'm sure it sounds as if I have a "stuff" addiction, but it's quite the opposite. I hate to throw something away that I may use again. Now, why in the world I thought I would use a teal feathered picture frame again, I'm not sure. But I hate to be in a way, all of that extra stuff is really me trying to be frugal.

Speaking of moving in with a boy, it's so foreign to me that this will be allowed in 2 months! All of these years thinking that it would just be easier if we lived together and we're about to! But now part of me thinks that maybe it won't be easier, just better. And better is good.