Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Married life = good life

So, I'm sitting here with my headache-ing husband flipping between Jon and Kate and the (losing) Astros. I figured it was as good a time as any to update our blog about our trip to glorious Mexico and our (almost) new life.
So, yes, we went to Mexico! We had such an amazing time at a resort outside of Playa del Carmen. It was called El Dorado Seaside Suites and it is the same resort that our sweet friends, the JonesES (I have recently learned how to properly pluralize my own new name and the names of other people that end in an S...thank you fellow grammar policewoman, Beth! I'm so should take my badge away). It was beautiful, filled with British people (which was SO fun), and had the best food we have ever eaten. We just relaxed on the beach all day, ate, ate, and ate. We did go to Chichen-Itza one day which was amazing. The Mayan ruins just astounded us. All of their buildings were so purposeful and designed to keep the people believing that their gods really had power, which in turn helped the government keep them under control. We were also told that every building (and there were HUNDREDS...and even more than that they haven't restored) would have been painted in bright reds, blues, greens, and yellows. It was definitely the history buff in the family's favorite day.

We also had he opportunity to go visit some fantastic friends. A little background here: The Pauls are some of my parents oldest and best friends (as in high school and college) and our families have always been very close. John Paul, who is close to my age, married his new wife on the same day as Justin and I. We couldn't have picked anyone better to share an anniversary with! So when we realized that we were going to the same area of Mexico, we knew we had to meet up. So we both took Mexican taxis (an experience!) to Playa to spend the afternoon together. The new Pauls are going to move to Boston in the next few days and we can't wait to come and visit! Fenway here we come!!! We just loved seeing them and just LOVE them.

When we cam back from Mexico, we immediately went to San Antonio to my sweet Ashley's wedding. Ashley and I have been friends since the VERY beginning of freshman year and have been roommates for two years. She married Ben Carter who is AMAZING and their wedding was beautiful. The Lord was so glorified in the whole day and I know will continue to be glorified throughout their lives together. It was a great way to end the honeymoon because it reunited the Hawktree girls one last time before we spread out all over the country.
Right now, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols are in their apartment in Houston. We officially start working August 14th, and right now we are simply soaking up this time together and with nothing to do. We have our apartment all set up and organized and can't wait to have some visitors. So please...come visit...
Love always-
Justin and Laura

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The MARRIED Nichols

We're married! We're the Nichols now! What a day it was. We had so much help from SOOO many people and we could never thank them enough. The whole thing was beautiful. The tuxes, the dresses, everything was amazing. My sweet Mary helped as the coordinator and her little girl was our "flower girl". She's only 1 1/2, so petal throwing is a little bit beyond her. Our ring bearer was a friend from WV and he was a professional. He pulled Sarah in a wagon and did AMAZING.
It took tons of work, but the stage ended up beautiful. It was very simple (like I like it), but still very pretty. All of the flowers were PERFECT. The cute little English Florist (yes...that's her nationality AND her business name) did an amazing job. If you live in LJ, get her to do your wedding. Plus, her awesome accent is a bonus. She kept saying "it's going to be gorgeous" and her English accent was so reassuring.The day was perfect...minus Justin's ruined groom's cake. It would have looked awesome...but the day was just as perfect without it! I can't WAIT to see all the pictures...these are from amazing friends who took a LOT of the day. They are so beautiful that I can't even begin to anticipate what my photographer's will look like. We had lots of dancing, Aggie War Hymning, and eating. And the cake was AWESOME.
Oh, and FLiC was there...Flove, baby.

Married...:) Come visit us. We'll try and put pictures up of the honeymoon in Mexico (pre-Dolly) soon.
Lots of love-
The Nichols

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Honeymoon is almost here...

Sooo tired...I just want Saturday to get here with everything done. Yay for only doing this once.

And YAY for going to Mexico NEXT WEEK with my bff! I totally know why people go on honeymoons...

--The "I hope I make it to becoming a" Nichols

Monday, July 7, 2008

Scared of aliens

Should I be worried about these aliens you are talking about? You know, I do not see how someone could be a scientist and not see a Creator behind it all. I do not know much about science, but when you hear about how intricate and interconnected this whole world is, it's just too great for something random. Anyways, that's not really my area. If you have any questions about Africa or something, let me know.

I feel kind of guilty about all of the work Laura is doing for the wedding. She seems to be going 90 mph trying to get everything together, and I'm going golfing tomorrow. Today all I did was wash my clubs and go for a walk with my mom. I just hope that she is able to relax enough on Saturday to actually enjoy everything she has done.

It's awkward when certain topics pertaining to marriage come up with family members (including your Grandpa). No elaboration needed. Just weird.

-The current Nichols

Sunday, July 6, 2008

mmm bethany dillon...or mrs. shane?

I'm listening to the beautiful, smooth voice of b. dillon right now and pondering the fact that she is now married to a Shane from Shane and Shane. I can't remember which one, though. My roommate, Rebekah, the resident Bethany stalker would know. ;) Love you, reba. One of her songs, You Are On Our Side, could quite possibly be one of the most beautiful songs that paints one of the most beautiful pictures of our Beautiful God that I have ever heard. I love that the Lord could just stay silent, but still he sent His Son for us. He is on our side!!! I am so thankful and in debt (that is paid) to Him. He is endlessly good to us. Why the Creater of all life would love us, I have no idea!

Speaking of that, I was reading about microorganisms on the internet (nerd) and someone had commented on this article about Archea (which prefer to live in boiling water and/or in super concentrated sulfurous cool?). It caught my attention because the person had said something to the effect of "I can't wait until they find life on other planets. It will be hilarious to see how crazy bible thumpers handle it." And I got mad at first...then I agreed. I was first mad because the bible doesn't discount this idea. Granted, it doesn't say that the Lord created life on other planets. I believe He has created lifeless planets that only serve to bring Him pure glory. Even though we can't see them, they shout to Him in praise. But, the bible also doesn't say that he DIDN'T create life on other planets. After all that I have seen Him create here and the creativity He has expressed through them, I couldn't possibly say that I would be surprised if there were life on some other planet. Our God is BIG and can do whatever the heck He wants. Hence the name God. So, when I first read that comment, I wanted to find that person and tell them all of that plus my stance on evolution and Christianity. But then, I got sad, because I saw what he was saying. How many Christians would argue until their face is blue about something so trivial as life on other planets (likely knowing little to nothing about this topic)? While science time and time again points to God (and I could go on and on), we can't PROVE to a dead set scientist that everything was created by Him. And that's how the Lord designed this whole creation. You can't, in the end, deny He did it...but you can certainly overlook that fact because it requires a touch of faith. And faith isn't proven by a formula or by fossil records. And faith can't be forced. That's what Christians (generally ones who know little about science) try to argue onto the world (and into textbooks).

Am I saying that Creationism isn't true? Hecks no. What I AM saying, though, is that the Christian community has taken things like creation vs. evolution, anti-dancing (STILL ridiculous), anti-gay, and many more and just run wild with them! Now we are to the point that people laugh about how we will handle life on other planets. We should just rejoice for our God is so much bigger than we know! We are flawed...and this is another example. I can't wait for the day when the church is like Jesus! But until then, let's let the world see us as love and not fight, k? (speaking to myself, as always...flawed to the bone)

We had a Tool Party for Justin last week. He got all sorts of manly gifts like hammers and screw drivers. It was fantastic fun. It was great to see my little man so excited about things like shop towels and super puddy. He's perfect...;)

We are all "moved in" to our new apartment. And that is in quotes because our stuff is thrown in there. So technically it is in, but I wish you could see a picture. It's hard to even walk around the rooms because of all of the junk we have in boxes/piles! It's a brand new apartment complex and the drains are doing this weird thing that whenever you turn on the water, they start to smell like nasty sulfur drainage. It was unbearable at first. Then we were told that because it was new, you needed to flush the drains out. To do that, we have to run water down every sink for 20 or so minutes, run the dishwasher several times, run the washer several times, and flush the toilet...over and over. What a waste!!! It kills me to do that! And it makes me kind of grossed out that it is doing this to us. Oh well.

One week :)

--The ALMOST Nichols (L)