Friday, August 29, 2008

Kids are funny...

My loudest, craziest student in 7th period (last class of the day) walked in today and looked at me with a big smile and said "You're lucky I came! I thought about skipping!" I wanted to say back "Now, how in the world does that make me lucky?!"

Haha...but seriously...


These kids are AMAZING! I only have discipline problems in 7th period because, for some reason, they thought that it would be fun to put the craziest kids in school who ALL know each other in the LAST CLASS of the day. We'll work it out...they just may not like me for a while ;) This week has been really slow and, quite frankly, boring because there is no way around lab safety. There is no way to make it fun or entertaining...

But boy do I love high school kids...they are ridiculous, think the world revolves around them, break your heart, and make you want to scream....but they also give you such a purpose. I had a kid come up to me today [tardy] and say "Miss, I'm sorry I'm late, but before we start guess what?! I got a part in the play!!" And I wanted to hug sweet, late little girl. And then my precious co-teach (special ed) kiddos make me want to laughcrysmile. They are hard, but boy are they sweeeeet. Then we had a pep rally this afternoon...actually we had two. One half of the school went to the first and my half of the school went to the second. 2 minutes before they rang the bell for us to go, I have a kid stroll into class. He had gone to the first pep rally then SLOWLY walked to class...oh, high school kids.

oh, high school teachers...they might be funnier than the students. one of them today said "you know why we're crazy, right? it's the only way we make it! if we were sane, the kids would just drive us crazy!"

Anyways, thank you for the prayers. Both of us are loving it right now. Granted, we get home at 5 and just die of exhaustion (try controlling 30 kids, being on your feet, lecturing, taking attendance, monitoring for cheating, taking up papers, answering questions, monitoring get my is BY FAR the most tiring thing i have ever ever done. ever.). School starts at 7:30 every morning...meaning we're here by 6:30...before the sun even gets here. joy.

Love always-

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All grown up

Justin and I are now real grown-ups. We have started our adult jobs! Justin is working as a geography teacher at a great school and is super excited. I, on the other hand, I'm slightly less excited. As a first year teacher, I am homeless! I have a job at a great school teaching biology (yay!) and environmental science (:\), but I have NO classroom (boooooooo). I get to float between three different classrooms (boo again) teaching two different classes, one of which is a tough discipline issue class. So first year for me is going to be extremely interesting! My sweet sweet husband spent this afternoon while I was at work looking up strategies for floating teachers. One of the ones I saw that I hadn't thought about was to decorate my "cart" (or what my traveling desk/classroom/storage system). This is ABSOLUTELY not what I would've wanted or ever imagined (I'm a science teacher for crying out loud...HOW DO I FLOAT??), but the Lord has given me this for a reason (as my wonderful husband reminded me). My attitude and grace in this situation is going to say a lot about my Savior. Basically, I HAVE to make it work. Pray for me! I'm definitely freaked's enough to be a first year teacher! And the cherry on this sundae is that I was told I was floating and teaching two preps the day before inservice started. Praise the Lord that He is on our side! Without Him, this year will likely end me! But with Him, I have faith that it will be joyous. I'll post pictures of my "classroom" cart will be the rocking-est cart on the block.

In other news, we are in Olympic mode hard-core! Everything from beach volleyball to water polo to gymnastics. We are loving it. It's amazing to me what some of those people can do. The male gymnists do things that I could not even begin to imagine being possible! It's also been so interesting/strange to watch China try and "pretty" up their image with all of these surface level "changes". It's so strange to see a country think that the world will forget their closed-minded traditions because of bells and whistles. It is a beautiful country and the Olympic games are simply amazing. It's been such a fun week!

Keep praying for us! We get our kiddos on the 25th and we'll need all the prayer you can give us!