Monday, September 29, 2008

So, 7th period wants to kill me. I'm convinced. One kid comes in daily and says "Miss, you look real nice today." Everyday. Innappropriate? Yes. Very. He also asked me to homecoming. I didn't answer him...awkward. They also totally test my patience. I have called more parents in that class than all my others combined. Whoop. But they will NOT bring me down...I am stronger. I just feel so bad for all of my sweet kids in there because there are so many ridiculous ones in there! I love how classes can be so lopsided.

In other news...we caved. We own a leash, a collar, 2 dog bowls, and a cute dog pillow. Stay tuned for more news on the puppy front...we're close. We have zero self control. Oh, well.

Oh, and insurance, why do you make yourself so difficult?? Seriously, I have a college education and it takes all of me to understand it. And I STILL have to call my mom for help. Sigh...but I used my insurance/prescription plan today! I felt so adult. But then I realized that it's me paying for that co-pay AND the plan. Boo.

Living with a boy/best friend is awesome. I came home from the doctor and he was washing clothes. Love it!


Monday, September 22, 2008

We are strong...

...heartache to heartache we stand. Just kidding. But we are strong...we resisted the urge to get a puppy. Even though one was FREE and so so so cute (you can tell that I am not the one who was strong). We are still a household of 2. Which is probably for the best because we also worked on our budget this weekend...teaching is not the field if you want the moolah...OR if you want to feel comfortable. The amount we want to save each month is almost as much as we make. Oh the joys of living on your own and figuring out life. :)

Pray for me...there are some things at work that are taking my patience and energy (not students...I love my kiddos...) and I really need some blessing from the Lord! It's my desire to bring Him with me to the people I work with...and I can't do that without Him! Enough said.

Gotta go pack my I'll go to bed instead...and yes, it is 9:00. I'm tiiiired!


Friday, September 19, 2008

I need to go back to work...

...because all I can think about is buying a house and getting a puppy. The first is not even close to possible because we just got our first big boy/girl paychecks last week. The second...well...i want a puppy! We had talked about getting one next summer while we were out of school...but with my parents coming to our apartment to escape Sir Ike and smuggling my dog in our apartment, it has my heart aching. The shelters in Houston are overwhelmed with dogs from the lovely weather system that has granted us an un-needed week and a half off and I think that it is just the time for us to welcome a furry little friend. But don't worry...we WILL NOT be one of those couples that acts like their dog is a child. That makes me gag. But I do want one. So stay tuned...we may impulsively get a puppy this weekend...we'll see how strong we are.

Speaking of Ike...we're fine. The area is still recovering, though. There are huge areas of town that have no power and stores with no milk/eggs/meat/gas/etc. It's been a very interesting experience, that's for sure. Work starts again on Monday with kids coming back on Tuesday...hopefully.

Oh, and our car failed inspection today...we grounded it for a week because this family is a family of success. Just kidding...but seriously I feel really lame. Now we have to pay to get the computer (which is the problem) fixed so they can make sure my car doesn't pollute. Very frustrating...because there is nothing else wrong with the car. It stinks to be on your own...