Sunday, November 16, 2008

Exciting? Nope. Good?? YES!

Over ten days since the last post.

Why, you ask???

Because I'm struggling to find blog worthy material. We haven't gone anywhere cool...we haven't gotten a new puppy or cool new gadget...I haven't cooked anything out of the ordinary (though, I am tackling tofu tomorrow night...). We haven't been yelled at by a student or stopped a fight in the past couple weeks. We HAVE been very tired (yay for Thanksgiving coming soon and Christmas soon after that!!!) and busy at school.

In our super(not)exciting life, we did enjoy a very great weekend. Friday, we debated whether or not to go to Body Worlds. We decided to put it off until next week when we have time off (again, YAY! no kids for almost a week...I never realized that teachers are more excited than students for days off of school) and went to the Galleria to go to the Cheesecake factory instead. The best thing about being married is being with your best friend all the time. We just have plain old fun...laughing at each other and the ridiculous things going on around us.

Saturday, I slept in while Justin went to College Station for his graduate class's seminar and then his high school's football play-off game. I stayed home alone all day...which got very boring very fast. Justin's brother Jeff ran in the state cross-country race in Austin (we were sad that we weren't going to make it...but that tuition payment we made is going to good use!!) and he did really well! I have a feeling next year will be his year. That evening, we met my parents and Micaela in Sugarland for her birthday dinner. The big 17! We shared some awesome PF Chang's food and had a lot of fun!

Today we joined our new church, Community of Faith and are COMPLETELY excited. The Lord combined the type of church we love with a sincere world focus that the church was built on. We are REALLY excited. And if we HAVEN'T surrounded ourselves with high schoolers enough yet, we are going to volunteer in the youth. I really couldn't be more excited about the church...the only sad thing is that their Community Groups go in stages and they are about to take a break until after the holidays. So that kind of stinks that we can't get involved in one right away...but we'll be excited when we can!

Someone who works full time AND finds the energy to work-out, please give me tips. I have the energy to do it on a day that I do not have to chase kids around a classroom (yes, even high school kids still haven't mastered the concept of SIT), but during the week I come home DEAD. So yes...this is a call for work-out tips from someone who has mastered the art of...well..GOING to work out!

Love you!!

-Laura (and Justin)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Country

I am tired of hearing that our country has come so far. Because it hasn't...and I say that because I work with the future day in and day out.

The genius kids at my school sent out text messages last night that said "If you hate Barack Obama, protest by wearing all black to school today to mourn the death of our country." Half of my classes were in all black.

Every African American student was wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt...and then proceeded to argue with every student around them.

I took a kid (my camo cut-off t-shirt sweetheart) to the office for the second time today. The first time, a teacher turned him in for racist comments and a confederate flag t-shirt worn to spite Obama fans. In MY class, he had drawn on his knuckle swaztikas. SERIOUSLY? HECK NO!

We may have an African-American president (by the exciting!), but our society hasn't changed at all. All my kids see is color. And that's how they argued allllll day. Black vs. white.

It breaks my heart that our youth STILL thinks this way.

We have a long way to go.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Fun halloween...
As we were carving that little doozy, our very drunk/friendly neighbors came over to introduce themselves and tell/yell stories to us about their famous tennis player friends and their weddings. Very interesting.

We are off work today (election day) because a lot of our schools are polling places. It's technically a teacher inservice day, but almost all of the teachers earned hours to miss work today. So we get to sit and watch the day unfold...which is interesting.

I keep laughing at how people (coughaggiescough) are so afraid of Obama. Afraid??? Seriously, the president does not have THAT much power that we should fear him. God is in control regardless of who runs our country...and He commands us to pray on behalf of our leaders. I know a lot of people who disagree with what I believe and would vote very differently than I did. But you know what? We'll be okay...our government was designed that way. And I have listened to both of them talk...they both *say* they love the Lord (and I am NOT the person to judge otherwise). And even if they don't....he's still the Lord over them!

I had an entire paragraph standing up for my vote and justifying it...but you know what??? I'm tired of people doing that to me. I have no basis or background to do it to you! I will tell you that I have had sweet clarity and comfort in my decision, as has Justin.

Politics isn't the answer...Jesus is. McCain or Obama, I hope we can agree on that. Pray for our leader even if you think he will ruin our country. That is what we are commanded.

Now seriously...let's get this over with so that my students will stop begging me to tell them who I voted for (which is illegal...I was informed that I am state property from 7:15-3:15 which means I can't lobby for or show favoritism for any candidate). I bet Bush is excited...there's someone else we can put blame on starting in January!!! (Except if I have learned anything from the Aggies hating on Fran...everything will still be his fault!)