Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yay for a lot!

How blessed we are to be fulfilling our purpose in the Lord as teachers during this stage of our life!

Did we mention our two week vacation right now?? Praise the Lord!!! SO needed.

We are taking full advantage of it by seeing all of our family (through the grandparent level) between now and next Tuesday!!!

If only there was a way to see everyone we love this Christmas...everyone in Michigan, Arkansas, West Virginia, etc, etc, etc! We hope all is well with you. Praise the Lord for the birth of his Son...how selfless of someone to send their only son simply to die for our sorry rear-ends? And praise Him that BECAUSE of Him we are no longer sorry rear-ends in His eyes!!

Much to be thankful for. And you are included in that list. :)

--Justin and Laura

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chocolate fountains make people happy at funerals...

What an enjoyable weekend!!

Friday, we went to Russo's Coal Fired Pizza for dinner...um, AMAZING. If you live in Houston, you have to try it! It's a New York style pizza/everything else Italian restraunt and it was fantastic. There's not much I enjoy more than a date night after a tiring week. Saturday, we woke up and ate a yummy breakfast then went and (almost) finished up Christmas shopping. I then spent Saturday night wrapping and wrapping presents, which was enjoyable. Sunday was productive day with a fantastic morning at our new spectacular church, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and baking. I tried to make Cake Balls (cake and icing covered in chocolate). I had planned on taking a picture journey through my Cake Ball experiment, but I got lazy. My bad. (when's the last time you said that??) They turned out okay. I mean, they were delicious. But I only had a cookie dough scoop and a melon baller would have been a more appropriate size for these treats...therefore, one is by far enough.

I took these treats to my sweet friend Amanda's Christmas party where we played AMAZING rounds of Nelson's. Suchhhh a fun game. One of the topics that night was the great chocolate fountain and how they make people happy, even at funerals. Hence the blog title...it made for a very funny round. If you've never played Nelsons, please ask me for the rules because it might be one of the best group games EVER. It was so fun to end the weekend with so much laughter.

Four more days until two weeeeeks of glorious freedom!

Laura (and Justin)

p.s.- I should have guessed that our blog would turn out like this...all "couple" blogs end up being the wife writing about life.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I love Christmas music

I just love this time of year. And my love has been ever magnified being a grown up and being married.

Justin and I finished school last week on Tuesday and went to Body Worlds at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. A-freakin-mazing. I highly recommend it to anyone. I just walked through amazed at every tiny detail of our bodies...what an amazing Lord and creator we have. On Wednesday, we woke up and I cooked my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner and then drove to Conroe for the Nichols/Packman Thanksgiving. On Thursday, we ate and then drove to Lake Jackson to see my family. It was odd to be on the grown-up side of Thanksgiving, but it was such a needed break. We were so rested and relaxed by the time the week was over...then Monday hit. :)

We now have two weeks until Christmas and the kids are getting crazier and crazier by the day. By the 19th, I'm pretty sure we will be teaching the high school equivalent of chimpanzees. We don't get to end our semester before Christmas thanks to our hurrication from Ike, so we have to actually teach these crazy kids that last week before we get out. It's going to be extremely tough. But the reward will be sweet:

2 week vacation.

This Friday, we went to finish off the Christmas decoration necessities (stockings and tree lights) and picked out our tree, which we love. We made a homemade pizza, decorated the tree, and watched A Beni Hana Christmas (the best Office episode...um...ever maybe). We think we will make that a tradition. We may have to take a break when kids arrive until they are old enough/mature enough to watch the Office and understand it, but we sure do laugh at it. We were lucky to get a lot of ornaments from our mom's and also from my Meemaw. She's been giving us ornaments every year since we were born as a part of our Christmas gifts. They are all so special to me...it was a great idea on her part!! Here is our final product. I turned off the flash on some of the pictures to get the "pretty lights" effect.