Wednesday, January 28, 2009

check this out.

There's something moving about the human experience...

check out to be humbled and challenged by neighbors, musicians, athletes, and people like you.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random thoughts

Hey friends!

We're in (apparently) the dreaded stretch between Christmas and spring break. We had our last day off last Monday (thanks to Ike) for the next month and a half!! Good thing we (most periods) like what we do!!

We got a new camera for a Christmas present that we love! We got it in January because we wanted to do research and get one that would be a "long haul" camera. Since our life is rather boring and routine right now (and maybe yours is, too?), I thought I'd leave you with was one of the first pictures taken with our fancy smancy new camera. I'm just glad that all my kiddos that work at Target weren't working this night...
Much spandex love,
Laura and Justin

Battle Fatigue

So, a fellow teacher told me about this and I think it totally defines my day today:

(this is true, btw)

Occasionally, teachers go to the hospital/doctor with just an overwhelming lousy feeling. Tiredness, aches, stomach upset, etc. Not any one thing that the doctors could diagnose. In order to admit the patient to the hospital for more care, doctors literally call it "Battle Fatigue" and write that on their admission paperwork.


I'm at lunch right now enjoying my silence that was just interrupted by a kid coming to beg for his cell phone...which I took up this morning and told him he could get back at the end of class...which he then took out my drawer on my cart-room (clever, huh?! cart-room instead of classroom)...which I then promptly said "No way, I'm turning this in, fool." Can you get it back?!

Hecks no!

Battle fatigue...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Um, can I have a house and a lot of time?


So...I guess it's human nature to always look forward to the next stage in your life. I have been married 6 months and I want a baby...too soon? In our case, yes. We have been getting big boy and big girl paychecks for four months and now we want a house. Again, toooo soon! But I can't wait!! We've had the blessing of having some financial counseling and know how to make a plan of action with regards to a home...which involves the word WAIT. For a little while at least.

Thanks to Beth, now I am addicted to home blogs. Especially This Young House. They do such fun and simple things to their house and all I can think is "I want one!" We are too blessed to live in the apartment we do, but there are always shortfalls to apartment living (our lovely dog neighbor/howler, Toby...but he's getting over his separation anxiety a little. yay!).

It's always fun to look forward, but I do love where we are. And right now I'm stretched out on the couch while my husband sleeps curled up on the love seat. He's so cute!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's over? Seriously?

(so, I meant to post this Sunday night...but I accidentally clicked save now instead)

I'm sitting here dreading tomorrow. Yes, I said it. I like my students (well...for the most part:)), I like my co-workers, I like biology...but I do not want to go back. Being brutally honest...I love what I do, but it hasn't grabbed my passion quite yet. My passion still lies in being at home, with family, husband, and getting things done. I love being a teacher and I'm proud of the work I do...but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE being at home with Justin. I hate weekday nights because we are always EXHAUSTED when we come home and there's always so much to be done that just gets shoved to the weekend. School starts awfully early which requires an awfully early bed time (which our tired souls gladly accept by the time it rolls around). These past two weeks were refreshing and Switchfoot said it best in "Gone" with regards to this break. I knew it wouldn't last forever (and to all of you people who AREN'T teachers, I realize we have the best schedule ever blah, blah, blah), but I am wishing I could go back and do it all over again. It was so incredibly enjoyable! Maybe that's the source of my dread...that means that my relaxed state and normal schedule is over, as well as the time I get to spend with my hubby.

Anyways, enough of my whining. I AM glad to see my kiddos again...the BY FAR majority of them are incredibly awesome and I am so lucky to get to spend the day with some of them. We do start school bright and early tomorrow morning...and I am giving a test on we are hitting the ground running!

We had a fantastic vacation all over the place. We spent the week before Christmas with Justin's family and then drove to Lake Jackson on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas and after with my family. We got some amazing gifts...namely a GPS system and a Wii complete with gift cards to buy games for our Wii (which we did!!). So we have been busy playing all sorts of crazy games. We then packed up on the 26th and drove with my family to Arkansas for whirlwind trip. We finally came home on Wednesday the 31st and go the opportunity to see the lovely Carters!! Since then we have been tearing down the tree/decorations and getting prepped for our vacation to end.

I hope your return to normal life (it's coming...even if it hasn't yet!) is relaxing. We are so blessed and are continually reminded of it!! Even when we have to earn a living...;).

Laura and Justin