Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend...

Happy Birthday, big kid!

If you know Justin, then you know that he is the most caring and helpful man you will ever meet. He is so selfless and loves me unconditionally. He has taught me so much about how the Lord loves through the way that he loves and treats me. I am so blessed to have such a best friend and such a husband. He matches me perfectly in a good cuddle and in personality. We have been together for almost 4 years now and married for 7 months, and I have never laughed more or felt more safe than when I am with him. I am so thankful that I get him forever!!!

To celebrate his 23 birthday, I planned a pretty big weekend! On Friday night, Justin's family and mine came over to celebrate and eat fajitas. We were decked out with fajitas, queso, and homemade salsa.
To finish dinner off, I made the ULTIMATE kid cake...which if you know Justin, you know he is the ULTIMATE kid. Here's a photo of the cake (oh, and after all that planning, I forgot yes, that IS a votive candle in the middle)Looks normal, right? BUT WAIT!! Look what fun lies inside!!:) Here is the unbaked layers, if you want to see how to make the cool effect!

After we inhaled cake (oh, and the cake is magic...Jeff, Justin's little brother, made his career best time in his two mile event at his track meet today!), Justin opened all of his big boy presents. This is his new man-tool- a sander! He spent this morning playing with it and making pretend sander noises as he "sanded" everything in the house. I even got a video...but he won't let me post it!! What a let down, right?

He also got one of those things that holds two pieces of wood together for you (I can hold my own in household projects, but I don't know my way around most fancy tools!), a Wii baseball game, TOMS, and new glasses. It was a great day!

This morning (the 14th), I went and picked up shipley's for breakfast and when I got home, this is what was waiting for me!! Who cares if it is a corporate holiday? I like flowers and candy!! It's just a fun little bit of Justin's birthday that I get to enjoy.

I let Justin open the rest of his birthday present from me, which was some candy, the Brandon Heath cd, and this fun little book:

It's just a fun little way for me to remind him of all of the things that I love about my hot little husband! I have one thing for every letter of the alphabet that I love about him.

Isn't he just the cutest?? To finish off his birthday, we are going to go eat at Pappadeaux's (if you aren't from Texas, you are REALLY missing out on Pappa's restaurants. He does Mexican, seafood, bar-b-que, pizza, etc. better than almost anyone!!) and enjoy our Saturday together.

:) Enjoy those you love today...what a blessing they all are to us. They are a testament of how much our Lord loves us!!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dear ugly drawer pulls-

It's been 7 1/2 years that you and I have been together and 7 months for you and Justin. I have always loved my bedroom furniture. I picked it out to go into my new room (the first that I had to myself) when my family moved to West Virginia and I just adored it. But to be honest, I've never loved you. Granted, when you first came into my life, I didn't really have an opinion about you and just accepted your presence because of my love for my lovely furniture. But as the years have passed and you joined me and my new husband in our home, I have grown cold towards you. Justin says you look medieval and I can't help but agree. Your constant noise and ugliness made me grow cold towards my furniture, as well. You almost ruined a long relationship. It was only yesterday I realized you must go. I found new drawer pulls. They are shiny and sleek and have changed the whole face of the furniture. It is no longer drab and dull, but modern and beautiful. We're done.


:) Check out our little handy project. We changed out our drawer pulls tonight and replaced them with new shiny ones! It made a HUGE difference in our room. The pictures just don't do it justice.
Old and ugly:

Old and ugly and EVERYWHERE:Sleek and modern:
Total makeover:

It was the best $50 we've ever spent for our little home! Every time I walk into our room, I can't believe the change!!

Love to you all-
Laura and Justin

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just a friendly reminder...

EVERYONE knows that a "friendly reminder" is never really "friendly". It's the way to say something annoying so that the person who you are speaking to can't get mad. I got a "friendly reminder" from one of our attendance secretaries today telling me that I marked a girl who came in "WELL past the first 10 minutes of first period" (emphasis added is the same that my "friendly reminder" came with) tardy and the policy is to mark those kids absent. Seriously? I wanted to say I have a MILLION other things to think about during the period to remember when that one girl came in. They are lucky I even TAKE attendance.

Phew...I feel better. That's been boiling up in me since lunch. Glad I could get it out.

Last night I tackled my first roast. It cooked all day long and all I had to do when I got home was take it out of the pot!! I am now a HUGE supporter of the crock pot. Now I just need one that has a timer on it so that I can get it started after I leave for work. Not many recipes are okay with the 10+ hour days we put in as a teacher, so it would rock to have one that could start itself during the day. For now, I will just dream about the perfect crock pot while searching for recipes that can cook for 10 hours and over!!

In other news, it's almost Friday! Being a big kid REALLY makes you appreciate weekends. I get two days away from "Miss, I don't get it!" and me saying "Give me your attention!!" I also have a lot of work to do this weekend because my cute little husband is turning 23 on the 14th! I have some stuff I still need to make and get together for his fun "homemade" surprise. That Friday, we're having his family and mine over for a yummy dinner complete with cake and a lot of marbles playing!! We're pumped. Not only is it Justin's day, it's also Valentine's day, so I get candy. Woohoo!

We love you and hope you are well!