Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're here!

Well, I know your life hasn't been complete without a blog update from me in a few weeks. So, to the 5 people that read this, I AM here!

We're rounding out Spring Break right now and are SO rested and relaxed. I'm pretty sure in the tough weeks leading up to SB, we said (multiple times) "I am NOT going back tomorrow!" The kids get CRAZY without a break which, in turn, makes our lives crazy. But we made it and it's still unreal that we are almost done with our first year of teaching!!

We started this week with a trip to Conroe to visit a very crowded Nichols household and to attend Justin's cousin Sarah's baby shower. She's having baby girl in April and I'm crossing my fingers that she comes a few days early on my birthday! We had a great time visiting with his grandparents and cousins and playing with babies...and now I want one. Sigh...and no...since I answered this question 15 times at the shower I'll answer it again...we are NOT trying. But if it happened, we wouldn't cry!!

We then went to the big San Antonio (and you know what? It drives me NUTS when people call it San Antone...) to visit the River Walk and Shamu. We had a BLAST. It was such an enjoyable getaway.
Since then, we have been hanging out at home and enjoying our time off. We did run back up to Conroe to get Justin's truck fixed (it's nice to have family that work for car places!) and pick up the treadmill that Justin's mom didn't want anymore. I'm totally excited about that!!! We've got it set up in the garage and even though we don't need it right now because we have a work out center at our apartments, we sure are excited about it when we move out!! We love saving money in any way, shape, or form.

Speaking of money, we feel sooo grown up because we went and set up our Roth IRAs for investment and separate investment fund for our down-payment money that we have been saving up. I'm so blessed with a husband who is diligent with our money and careful with our budget. He may be tight, but I'm so thankful he is! We are saving a ridiculous portion of our salary which will allow me to be a stay-at-home mom while we are raising young children. You should see the budget spread sheet he has perfected. I am all for saving money, but actually looking at what I am spending and budgeting totally overwhelms me. And don't even get me started on the investment side of things! I love the little matches in personality that have come out in our marriage.

It's also March Madness here in our house! It's no secret that I am a huge sports fan. I just love watching almost anything (minus hockey and soccer...I can't handle the fact that when they make passes, it's very common to lose the ball to the other team...). In fact, my love for sports has often been an alienating factor of my personality. While I am not that obnoxious girl who gets in your face about all of the sports facts she knows, I do like sports more than most girls. It's definitely NOT a secret that my college roommates don't like all. So sometimes I felt like the outcast as I sat watching the Astros or going to Aggie sporting events (but they still love me and vis-versa). But nonetheless, I LOVE sports and I LOVE March Madness. It's so enjoyable to me to watch all of these teams from all over the country play each other. I fill out a bracket (mainly for Justin's sake), but I LOVE it when the underdog wins. I don't care if messes up my bracket...I just love for that team that no one expected to win to come out and show their stuff. I'm sitting here watching MY underdogs (the Aggies) not pull out the upset over UConn...oh well. There's always next year...or the women's team that starts their end of the tournament tomorrow!

I should probably end this marathon of a post to go fold clothes and head to church. We've been going to church on Saturday nights and are really enjoying sleeping in on Sundays.

Love to you-