Monday, July 27, 2009

Why I Love My Husband (and money tips)

  • I don't have to do dishes unless I am being sweet. He does them for me...always.
  • He likes almost everything I cook and lies when he doesn't.
  • He cleans out closets.
  • I am never at a loss for laughs.
  • I know our money is being used wisely, with the Lord and our future in mind.
He decided to make a general version of his hardcore budget spreadsheet to give out to people. It's pretty incredible. In this spreadsheet, there is a blank budget for every month and a sheet that explains how the budget works. It's set up to do all of the calculations for you--subtracting, adding, figuring how much you have to save each month to reach your goals by your deadlines. It's pretty incredible and has been a year in the making!

Just click on the link below and use as you would like!

Sample Budget

I am sure you have an awesome system yourself, but if you don't or don't have it all written out, we would love for you to use this! It really is set up and ready to go. Play around with it, change it to fit you and your savings goals, pass it on, whatever!

He's pretty awesome...:)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jellyfish and wedding showers

*Warning- Nicole Packman- don't read until AFTER your shower! *

Tons of people have asked us if we're bored this summer.

Seriously? Would YOU be bored if you got paid to go on a 2 month vacation?

That's what I thought.

We have had a blast filling our time with vacations, family, and projects. I have recently filled mine and Justin's time with crafting. My first project is for my brand, spankin' new classroom. I am a biology teacher and I wanted something fun and cute. When we were in Florida, we went to some precious boutiques in Apalachicola. In one, I saw a jellyfish that hung from the ceiling (and gasped at the $70 price tag...I love my kids, but not THAT much) and I was inspired. I decided I could do it myself.

So I did. I took two big plastic bowls and covered them in plastic wrap. I then spent 3 days paper mache-ing (a word??) them...and almost gave up. It stinks to have glue all over you! I ended up doing about 5 layers of paper mache. And they ended up looking like goofy, pathetic army hats.
And yet I kept going. I painted them a light blue with just the cheap acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby (speaking of which, what random, instrumental Christian songs have you heard in there? I've got Our God is an Awesome God and today, Love Song for a Savior. I love that song...but instrumental???).I bought some iridescent cellophane and spray adhesive to cover them. All I did was start at the top and glue to the bottom. I wrapped the extra underneath. The effect is pretty cool in person.Then, I cut long wavy strips into a very thin, blue/purple, iridescent fabric and hot glued them inside my Cnidarian (that's nerd for jellyfish) friend. They turned out so fun! The tentacles blow with the slightest breeze which will be good in the highly air-conditioned rooms at school. I'll just have to take them down when the Fire Marshall comes. :) Breakin' rules all over!Like em? When I get over my nightmares of having my fingers covered in glue and bits of newspaper, I may make some mini versions so these two can have some friends.

My NEXT project is way way fun and also and inspiration from precious stores in Apalachicola, Florida. It's going to be my new wedding shower staple. I don't have in-progress pictures on this one, though.
So cute, right? You know when you are having a party or having people over and you are making that signature dish? Everyone wants to know the recipe. If you WANT to give up your secrets, this is a fun way! Here's a close up:We bought a simple piece of very thin birch plywood at Lowe's. It cost about $3 and I can probably get 5 or so more of these recipe holders out of it. So basically, a steal. Justin used his muscles to cut out a 7"x10" (approximately) rectangle and sanded it down for me. I used, again, cheap acrylic paint and painted the whole thing a teal blue. We then drilled a hole about an inch from the bottom that was 1/4" and used a 1/4" x 4" carriage bolt and nut. I covered the head of the bolt with a bit of the scrapbooking paper I used on the bottom.Because the hole was drilled an inch up from the bottom, the whole thing leans back slightly like a picture frame. I then used simple scrapbooking paper, ribbon, rubber cement, and hot glue to beautify it. I have the junkiest hand-writing on the face of the planet. It's true. So I got some yellow cardstock and downloaded my friend's handwriting as a font (check it's so much fun and there are tons to choose from. Thanks Beth!). I printed "From the Carrillo Kitchen" and glued that on there, too. I finished it by attaching a painted clothespin at the top to hold the recipe. Fun? Yes. Get married...I'll make you one. But you have to invite me to the wedding. You'll get two if I'm in the wedding...:) Just kidding.This is for my cousin-in-love, Nicole Packman (soon to be Carrillo). For her shower gift, I got her spring form pans and a pretty pie server. So, using Beth's precious hand-writing font again, I typed up my favorite cheesecake recipe and put it in the clothespin. I love it because the possibilities are endless...cookie sheets and your favorite oatmeal raisin recipe, a trifle bowl and your favorite banana pudding recipe, muffin tins and your best blueberry muffin recipe. And the recipient can use it to display their best recipes, too! Such a fun gift. But I guess I'm biased. What do you think?

And you would think my husband wouldn't like all this girly crafting...but he does. He helped me on both projects (and commented me on the recipe thing...he apparently thought it would be slightly ghetto and was amazed that it wasn't. Uh, thanks??) and spent the time that I paper mached by painting me some more beautiful pictures for our apartment! Love him.

In the time I'm not covered in glue and paint, I'm completely sucked into Twilight. A bit late (in all senses...they've been out forever...and I'm what??), but I'm loving them. I've read the first two in 4 days.

You will find me in the world of vampires and werewolves. Peace.

Monday, July 20, 2009


So I thought I would just update and update with all my free time this summer...

...but then I realized "hey, I'm going to go play a lot this summer" and blogger took a back seat.

Here's what we've been up to:

A week after school got out, we flew to NYC for 4 days. We figured, if we can't use our awesomely large tax return on ourselves now, when can we?? We had an absolute blast. Justin had never been and I had never stayed in the city. Our hotel was 3 blocks from time square on a little cozy side street.

The day we arrived, we went to Time Square, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, and ate at the most AMAZING pizza restaurant in Brooklyn. It was complete with an Italian man that seemed like he was straight out of the movie Remember Me. We waited in line for two hours and ate with a couple from the UK, one couple from NYC, and another from an Asian nation...they couldn't speak much English.

Day two consisted of a Yankees/Mets game complete with classic New York guys behind us and super trashy New York girls in front of us. You know, the kind that have nails that are too long with designs on them and rhinestones. They cussed too much and drank to much and even the New York guys were making funny comments about how nasty they were. It was great. It was also the highlight of Justin's trip. After the game, we went to Carmine's, an awesome Italian restaurant near Times Square.

Day three was New York Tourism day. We went to the UN, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street, China Town, and Serendipity 3. Our feet died that night. It was sooo worth it.

Day four was our fun day. We went to breakfast on the upper east side at this amazing local place. We then walked through Central Park and made our way to 5th Avenue and the shopping around it. We sho' enough hit up some H&M and I cried because we don't have one. Come on, H&M, H-town is cool enough for you. Okay, maybe not, but plllllease?! After shopping, we went to an amazing outdoor restaurant in a park near the Flatiron building. (did I fail to mention we left Texas in record breaking, triple-digit temperatures for NYC that was in 60s and 70s? Jealous???) We sat at a table amongst locals getting off work and had quite possibly the best burgers ever.

Then we went back to the hotel to get ready for our broadway show...The Little Mermaid! Okay, so maybe that's a bit of a let down, but we got cheap tickets. We would have loved to see something else, but it was way more affordable to see that (and my 5 year old self jumped for joy). PLUS, the guy who played Eric was the lead guy in Another Cinderella Story, or so the millions of teenage girls around us said. And at intermission there was crazy excitement because Selena Gomez was there watching him perform. The teenage girls and their crazy moms were going berzerk. Literally. They even proceeded to tell Justin all about her as if he would care. It was extremely entertaining.

We had a fantastic, tiring time. And we rode the Subway in the wrong way a few times. But who hasn't? Oh...and we lost count of the number of weave stores we saw in Harlem on the bus to and from the Airport. It was phenomenal.

After that, I went to Arkansas with my family while Justin (wisely) opted out and went camping with friends. We went to my grandparents in Bentonville, Lake Ouachita with my aunt and uncle, and then Fancy Town (AKA Pine Bluff). It was, as it always is, interesting. Love those grandparents!

Last week, we got to go to my FAVORITE place in the world, Saint George Island. It's been three years since we have gone, so it was incredible. We celebrated our 1st anniversary before AND during the trip. I can't believe we've gotten there already! And I can't believe that the next step is buying a house and having babies...woohoo! Our friends, the Pickerings, came with us as well. It was simply incredible.

Now we are doing nothing. Not literally...we are playing scrabble, cooking fun things, and going to open houses for fun. School starts in a month and we have a lot of In-Service stuff starting next week so our summer is coming to a close. It's a bit bitter sweet, but I think we are both excited to do what we love. The first time we have a discipline problem, we might regret saying that, but we love teaching and our kiddos.

This summer has shown me how incredibly blessed I am. I have a husband who is HILARIOUS and precious. He takes care of me and worries when I jay-walk in New York. He takes care of our budget and is always looking towards the future. I am more attracted to him and he is so much more a part of me than the day I married him. I love that. I have a fantastic job that gives me a fantastic schedule. I have an incredible family (born into and in-law). I can't wait to take each step in life with my cute husband and our families.