Friday, September 11, 2009


I know I haven't updated you on the life of the Nichols in a minute...(stealing that phrase from one of my students)

Here's what we are doing:


i.e.-grading poor work where students misspell water ("warter"...really?) or give me answers like "my hypothesis is the more fertilizer, the better" (what the heck was an honors student thinking when they actually put that on a test...gag me, please...that got marked incorrect for sooo many reasons), telling kids to pull up pants, packing our lunch, arriving at work long before the sun comes up, and loving every minute of it.

It's been a fantastic year so far. Little to report because we are loving life. There has only been one day (today...we had a pep rally and that makes the kids squirrley) that I wanted to tell my kids "go away, I'm going home."

And for the first three weeks of school, that's pretty darn good.

I have awesome kids, an awesome administration, and an awesome room.

Other than that, we have been enjoying any rest we can get (even though I am having to stay at school MUCH later than I did last year due to changes in our scope and sequence and totally stinkin fantastic awesome new way our team is teaching) and enjoying our (sadly) more limited time together.

Last weekend we went to one of the most enjoyable Aggie season openers that I can remember. It was overcast all day (read: we only sweated a little...and for Texas in September, that's INCREDIBLE) and we actually played real football. I have felt that for the past few years that I have been watching a glorified high school team try to play in the NCAA...I feel like this year maybe, just maybe we may actually deserve all of the hooplah that Aggie fans give football. Seriously...we won 4 national championships last year but I bet any given graduate couldn't list the sports they were in. And beyond that, our women's athletics (basketball, swimming, track, soccer, etc.) are consistently top in the Big 12 and top 10 in the nation. But does anyone care? Nope...but hey, that's Texas! :)

We got to see my brother and see his awesome college boy's house (or disgusting...whichever way you want to look at it). They have actually done a fantastic job to make the junk house really comfortable. I liked two things about it: the fact 4 Aggies and Texans all have snowboards and they are all mounted in their living room and their fancy motorized Easy Shopper (the wheelchair shopping cart things) that they ride up and down their hall on.

I have also been thinking about several very random things:

It makes me really happy to show know-it-alls the things they didn't know...probably because I have an inate desire to be the ultimate know-it-all. That is one of my MANY personality flaws (that I love to point out to myself...praise God for endess grace! If only I could get myself on board with that whole system...).

Why do people with doctorates insist on being called Dr.?? Seriously...sometimes it drives me nuts...especially when you introduce yourself to peers (i.e. other teachers) as Dr. SuchandSuch. Really? I don't say "I'm Mrs. Nichols" to my peers...maybe it's because my dad NEVER EVER EVER went by Dr. Erskine. But I guess if I went to school for half of my life, I'd be proud, too.

I think my maternal clock is blowing crazy blowing up.

How can I seriously be 23 and have skin that is wayyyy worse than my 15 year old students?? And the sad thing...I think I will ALWAYS be that way. YAAAAAY genetics.

We have a seriously hilarious Community Group. It's probably got to be the best mix of ever.

I really like it when AP's and principals actually discipline. And stand in the hallways and yell at kids. Mine are fan-freakin-tastic.

Why is it that when you wear a new deoderant you don't smell "like yourself" for days?

I can't wake up on never. And I especially can't wake up feeling rested no matter what time I went to bed if you make me get up before 5:15. Like for real, people...that's not right. Who starts high school at 7:25??? Lame.

I am going to get a class pet (a frog or a fish) and name it T-Pain. This has been my desire for a long time. I think it would be kids don't get it. Probably because I think T-Pain is absolutely ridiculous and he's their hero. Oh well...they don't get my jelly fish names, either. "Grizz and DotCom?? Anyone???" *crickets* "30 rock?" *crickets* I'm just wayyy cooler than my students and they don't realize it quite yet.

Again...a complete post of ramblings. There are so many times throughout the day that I think "man, I'm going to blog about that" and I even go so far as to think through how I would write it. But for some reason, it's my follow-through that gets me.