Monday, December 7, 2009

Flower wreath

Here's my fun project this past week:

I went to the Nutcracker Market a few weekends ago which is a giant vendor sale to fund raise for the Houston Ballet. It's a BIG deal in Houston. In fact, our district said the Friday that it opened, they had record requests for subs and they traced it back to the Nutcracker Market. Crazy. I've never seen so many people or so many cute things in one room. I saw this GORGEOUS red flower wreath that was calling my name. The prices there varied from "aweome!!!" to "who would pay that?!" so I didn't know what to expect when I looked at the price. To my dismay it was $60. Sad day.

But then my wheels started turning. I'm super into crafts right now thanks to...drumroll...Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. For my sister's birthday, I beaded a floral headband thanks to our Martha. So, fresh off of hours and hours of making a 30 petal flower out of seed beads, I thought "how could this be harder?"

So I set out to Hobby Lobby. I took a 40% off coupon and bought a styrofoam ring (not the floral foam type, just plain old white styrofoam). I ended up having to take a knife and shave off the sharp angles. I also bought about $18 worth of cheap red hydrangea stems (18 at $2 a piece, half off) and a roll of half price deep green ribbon. Here are the results:
I ended up roughly painting the ring with red acrylic paint. I also had to pull out the hot glue gun as I stuck the flowers in to make sure they stay in place.
Here's my lovely addition to my Christmas decor. I'm trying to figure out a way that I can make a friend for it that is more versitile year round.
So fun! Right now I am working on one in white with a deep red ribbon. For about $24 dollars (still a little high), I made a $60 wreath! And I think Martha was smiling down on me this week...I even saw an identical one at Crate and Barrell for OVER $60! Booyah!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Nichols Update

Wow...has it really been two months since I last posted?? Yes...yes, it has.

Here's what we've been up to:

We blinked and October was over and blinked again and it was almost Thanksgiving! During November, we babysat one evening for our friends Amos and Rachel. They have quite possibly the cutest kid ever named Levi. Levi maybe the first baby to turn my husband towards having kiddos of our own. Check out this precious pic...
Now if we can only teach him how to properly hold a baby and change a diaper, we'd be in good shape. As for the "when are you planning on babies?" interrogation, we are hoping to start that process near this time next year. And wow...putting that in real words is frightening and exciting. Of course, that's God willing we are able/ready at that time...and God willing one doesn't come sooner! I really want to work for a few more years before I take my time off for baby makin'.

We went to a Switchfoot concert in November that was incredible. It makes me sad that they are a cliche Christian "youth group" type band...because they really are pretty incredible. Their heart and their lyrics are amazing. Plus they put on an amazing show. Check out their new album, Hello, Hurricane. It's reminiscent of the earliest Switchfoot albums and makes me smile.

We gladly took a few days off at Thanksgiving and relaxed like crazy. We went to Justin's house on Wednesday to spend time with his family and after we ate with them on Thursday, we drove to College Station for tailgating Thanksgiving. It was incredible! We had 5 fried turkeys...yes, fried. They get a bad rep (and probably deservedly so), but they are, by far, the tastiest type of turkey I have ever eaten. Ever. Most people hear fried and think Kentucky Fried, but there is no batter. Just greatness. We loved spending time with our LJ family. We watched the game on Peter's ridiculously huge high def TV and were pleased that we weren't completely embarrassed. That's (sadly) all you can ask as an Aggie...please, footbal team, don't embarrass the school! On Friday, we drove to the Art and Ola Smith's house, the parents of our family friends, the Pickerings. They live on a great farm and we just enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and sitting by a fire. It really was a fantastic break.

During our travels that weekend, my little Focus hit a milestone. We never thought the day would come when this mess on wheels would hit 100,000 miles, but it has stuck around long enough to drive us BANANAS. It's a constant headache. Since I've had it (it's only an '03), the transmission has been replaced, the alternator replaced, severe alignment problems caused us to replace year old tires on the whole dang thing, an important tube thing (yeah, I know what I'm talking about) busted and the whole car convulsed like it was going to its grave, the engine mounts busted and made the car, again, convulse like crazy, the windshield is currently cracked in two huge places, a hubcap went missing, and now the trunk can't be opened. Well, it can, but if you open it, you can't close it. Sorry for the run-on...but I feel a run-on sentence was appropriate to express our exaspiration with this vehicle. We are definitely ready to get a new one, but she needs to last us at least another year. If nothing else, at least it still starts and moves!Since then, we've gotten out our Christmas decorations and went and picked out a tree. We knew it was time for Christmas when our students started going know you are getting close to a break when they act like looney tunes. While I love decorating for Christmas, this year it just made me anxious for buying our house this spring. But that will come in time, I suppose! Justin was so precious when we went to get out the decorations from the garage...he had bought the Christmas plates I have been DROOLING over for the past two years, wrapped them, and hid them on top of our decorations in the garage. How smooth is that?? Here's our cute little tree.
I have always LOVED when people have a color coordinated tree. Ornaments that match ribbons and garland used. Those are beautiful! We don't have the funds to do that (the majority of our ornaments are from my Meemaw over the years/hand-me-downs from our parents!) and a perfect tree doesn't feel like it suits us. Regardless, I love the smell of our tree (I am a real tree person...sue me) and coziness it provides.

Stay tuned for a fun holiday decor piece that is easy and cheap!