Friday, July 16, 2010

Come on over...

So, let me take you back a year:
Last summer, we had a SERIOUS house itch. We were dying to get into something that was our own. We are completely blessed to be able to live off of one salary and save the other one, so we had about 10% down saved by then. We didn't think we could wait until we had 20% to buy--so we took a trip over to This lovely little website informed us that if we didn't wait, we would be paying significantly more each month and would pay about $100,000 more over the life of our loan. Um, no thanks?! That's nearly 3 years FULL salary. We took our patience pill and waited. And thanks to waiting, we were also able to save up a significant amount more to be able to decorate and buy fun things like lawn equipment (ha) and a fun TV. I am also proud to announce that our mortgage is...drumroll...LESS than our rent was. We escrowed (way to go in my book), so that includes taxes and insurance. It's incredible. We also decided that since we've been paying rent AND saving each month for our house, we can EASILY pay double our mortgage while I am still working AND still save for things like remodeling, babies, retirement, college, etc. How incredible would it be to pay off the mortgage in 10 years and have that much extra each month?

Without further ado, our little casa!

So, before I let you see my house you have to read this disclaimer:

This house is in no way finished. I am working slow...don't judge. :) Any holes, empty walls, mismatched stuff are not intentional.

That said...enjoy! I know we are...Our entryway--this leads into the living room and to the left you see the guest bed and game room. The two frames are actually framed linen that I found at an incredible fabric store in downtown Houston. The mirror was originally black and I found it on the cheap at Ross...just a coat of spray paint primer and a coat of pistachio green and I have a lovely little friend to greet you!
Our fireplace...I found the mercury glass candle sticks at Target on sale after Christmas and the mercury glass vase on sale at Pier 1 with a gift card I've been saving for TWO years. The lovely N is from Anthropologie. We painted all of the rooms except for our bathroom and the guest bedroom. I realize it's tan...but I love the clean base of a light tan. I'm an airy, cottage-y type person and the color we found is a PERFECT tan.
Our new entertainment center from IKEA. It's got a very Pottery Barn-esque feel for less than half of the price.

Our dining room--the stripes inspired by (coughcopiedfromcough) I made the curtains and the chairs are a craigslist find that we refinished to match our West Elm beauty of a table. The room is in desperate need of some colored accesories and the opposite wall is begging for some of that color as well. It's still a work in progress :).
Our kitchen--we'll eventually replace the appliances and countertops but for now, it's great!This is our game room/Justin's man cave. He FINALLY gets to have his arcade bball game inside that I bought him our first Christmas dating. He also gets to have his own video game room. He doesn't play often but he definitely loves the ability to go back to the game room and not bother me (or be bothered BY me, whatev). The picture of the Astrodome is one Justin's had for a while that I had printed at Kinkos and Modge Podged to a canvas. He chose the soft gray color. I also took a cheap glass vase and filled it with some of his old, dirty baseballs for a manly "bouquet" on the left of the TV. He picked out a simple (and cheap) white couch from IKEA and I sewed the cover on our old ottoman and pillows.See?? That was one of those projects that made me feel very 60s housewife.
Guest bedroom/office. Decorated with a lot of leftovers from college and the apartment.

Guest bath.
Our room! The only complete room in the house. We built this bed (more on that soon) completely. Bought the wood, foam, fabric, and voila! An incredible king size bed...we have literally never slept so well. The comforter was a West Elm purchase made from rewards bucks from our table and a gift card. The lamps are a TJ Maxx find that I found at Z Gallerie for double the price!
Justin painted both of the art pieces in this room.
Our bathroom. I haven't touched this room yet...don't judge. It's just staring at me, all tan and boring, and mocking me. But I'm waiting for our decorating budget to fill up again :).
Annnnd the garage....

I will do a post soon about all of our DIY and the bed.

The house really is better in should come visit!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I have been avoiding posting because I am so far behind...and I'm not quite sure how many people care to read this! But never-the-less, we have had an eventful summer that I will catch you up on soon!

But for now...
...our new casa! More pictures of the inside to come soon. I'm so super picky about the decor that I'm moving slow...but I will give you the scoop on what we have done up until now. In the meantime, plan your trip to Houston. We just BUILT (yes, built) a new bed for our room so there is plenty of guest space for you!