Saturday, January 8, 2011

My little secret

Do you want to see my secret? It's really an indulgence of mine. One that I have only let a few people see. Mainly because I don't want judgements. But I've decided I don't care (as long as you say only nice things, okay??).

Let me give you some background information before I spill the beans. I like the color green. It's my favorite. I also like blue. If you seen pictures of my house, you can tell that I also like a very fresh and airy color palate that includes light greens, blues, tan, and white (sigh, I love white. I use a can of white spray paint almost every project). But I loooove me some green. Like grass green. It's a weird obsession. Not quite kelly green, but a more yellow green. Like beautiful summer grass. In fact, when I got married, I wanted to do that green and white. Apparently I was ahead of my time because EVERYONE is doing it now. But in 2008, there was not a dress for sale in the color I wanted. I searched EVERYWHERE and cam up with nothing. In fact, I really struggled to find anything that was the right color. So I settled for brown and apple green. And it was fine. But I have always had a soft spot for my grass color.

So, fast forward to now. When we bought our house, I knew I wanted my green somewhere in the house but it's a BOLD color and I knew it was a huge committment. So I decided to put it in the room that is the least fun to bring a little fun to the mundane--my laundry room. Want to see it? I haven't posted pictures of it or shown it to very many people at all.
Complete with clothes in the washer and all. The color? "Putting green". They saw me coming, didn't they?? It's TINY room, so we had to stack our washer and dryer and cover up the cords and plug-ins with that white curtain under the shelf. Not the cutest. But I LOVE my color. Now be grandmother says "it's interesting." And those letters? From Hobby Lobby and are a cardboard type material that I spray painted white and tacked up with nails. I've gotten funny comments about those, too. One of Justin's friends saw it and said "What, did you need a reminder of what you are supposed to do in that room?" Sigh. He should have just "that's interesting".

So that's my secret. Want to see something else fun? I made this before Christmas as a seasonal decoration. Now that we are well past the holiday season, I still haven't bought a wreath box for it so it is still up. But now I think I want it to stay up. I've never been a fan of wreaths except seasonally but this one has changed my mind.
Isn't she a beat? Made out of a cheap $2 wreath form and coffee filters. Yeah. I said it. Coffee filters. About 600 of em. I folded and glued for about 4 hours.

I am in a constant project itch. We did two simple projects over Christmas that I will share with you soon but I am on the hunt for something new. Crown molding with our new miter saw? Built in shelf stained to match our vanity in the master bath? All of the above? We're in the middle of saving for our kitchen so I have to wait until the summer for that one.

Stay tuned. Maybe I'll actually be good and take in progress pictures.


P.S.--notice that cleaner on my counter? I actually leave it out at all times. I'm still undecided on the "tacky or not" prospects of leaving it out. But look how cute it is! And it's all natural. It has a delicious lemon scent that I like a lot better than Ms. Meyer's scents.