Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cutest nose I've ever seen...

Isn't it???! Just the cutest nose I've ever seen. I can't get over it. But I guess that is a Momma's pride....

...We're pregnant! This cute little nose is going to bless us with his/her presence around September 25th. And of course, we couldn't be more excited!

I'm almost 14 weeks along and I hate to say it but I've had a really smooth experience so far. Absolutely no nausea (please, moms, don't beat me up) or any real side effects other than being tired during the first trimester. I definitely can't complain!

To answer other questions--no, this cuteness was not a "surprise". It was either this or a dog and Justin chose this (just kidding!). I am going to work next year to see how it goes--I can always decide I don't like it and take a break for a few years. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and it kind of made me want to gag thinking about working when I had kids. I can't explain my crazy change of heart but I almost feel like the Lord is leading me to working next year--and I know, I know that the "church" would frown on it. I just know where I feel the Lord leading me and it is at least one more year of doing what I love. Now, I am just praying that the Lord convinces a friend of mine (coughstacycough) to wipe that cute little button nose while I am at work. I know if the Lord is leading me into the crazy life of working motherhood, he will immensely provide for all of our needs.

Right now we are just praying for a continued healthy pregnancy and baby. Our prayer from day one has been for health but also that our little one will come to know the Lord early and make an impact for His kingdom. Will you pray that with us? Take a look at that cute nose know you want to pray for that cutie, right??