Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bump it...

Here's the evidence--
It's a coming...I am 4 months along. I'm still mainly wearing my normal clothes but with a rubber band around the button. :) Definitely need to invest in a belly band sometime soon. Other than that, I've head the best pregnancy minus the constant trips to the bathroom (I've never woken up and had to go in my life but now I can wake up 2 or 3 times! nuts) and the lovely acne. Seriously...I look like a greasy 7th grader. Not that I've EVER had good skin but it's getting ridiculous now. But that's a small sacrifice for the ease of this pregnancy! Now if I can only get this weird 9th grade boy to stop attempting to touch my baby bump...seriously, that's inappropriate, friend.

In other news...we had a super crazy insane project a few weeks ago. If I ever say to you "seriously, we could do it. I've looked it up and it seems really simple", run away. Flee like you would temptation. I'm bad. (In fact, I said these words tonight when we bought a new sprinkler system timer because "it will be nothing to replace". Granted, I WASN'T the one to rip off the old one without marking the wires...cough, cough...) I used these infamous words to convince my lovely hubby to take out our fluorescent light box (gaggggg) and replace it with recessive lights. I watched this video and thought "easy, peasy". Ha. Now, I will say it would have been better if our roof didn't slope like crazy over our kitchen. My beautiful hubster was in the attic for HOURS and while I don't have concrete evidence, I know he would have cried if I asked him to go back up there even one more time. The results, however, are LOVELY. And our house hasn't burnt down yet due to the DIY electrical work!

Before--look really hard in the upper left hand corner. I had avoided showing this one and we got so excited about ripping the box down that morning, I didn't get any before pics. I will NEVER be a good blogger :(
Notice the new pendant over the sink. How fun! Now, as for that fixture over the table...I know a lot of people would love it. However, I do not. It is very nice and classy, but not my style. I don't appreciate the swirly parts (for lack of a better word) or the overall traditional style. However, I also don't want to pay right now to replace it. I would LOVE a drum pendant like this but I do not want to pay the price for a large one. So I have to pick up my bottom lip and make like a big girl and get over it. My new pendant is white and has a modern shape and was making my old fixture very jealous. To make them get along, I went and bought new glass shades for the old fixture in the lighting section at Lowe's in a lovely white. Now they are happily living in *somewhat off key* harmony as opposed to total dissidence.

Now we just need to fix this lovely spot... painting the whole ceiling. Not so easy. So we are going to wait until this summer when we redo the kitchen. Our plans? Paint the cabinets white and add hardware (a job for my poor hubby with a pregnant wife--any volunteers for helpers??), re-tile the backsplash (white subway tiles, anyone??), get new counter tops (probably quartz), replace the junky, mismatched appliances, and paint the walls a gray blue (then re-do my stenciling...I love it too much!). No big deal, right?? Haha...can't wait to get started on it! I'm also planning on adding some trim and bead board to the island before we paint. Hopefully it will be lovely. We shall see...

And just for the record, I am definitely not taking advantage of my current state. Other than crawling around in the attic in the insulation (probably a no-no when "they" say pregnant ladies can't even eat lunch meat), I was RIGHT there along with my hubby working hard on the lights and I plan on working just as hard when we re-do the kitchen (minus anything with toxic fumes, of course). I love projects too much to just sit and watch! And for those of you who like the dollar signs--this project cost us $200. An electrician would have charged us upwards of $2,000. Serious DIY score.