Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Room Pictures

I like Pinterest. Are you on it? I've already asked you this. You better be. Thankfully, pinterest came into my life JUST in time to decorate the baby's room. Want a sneak peak?
View from the door. I made the mobile out of card stock, invisible string, and embroidery hoops. My cute husband painted the giraffe.
Isn't that precious? I love it.I bought a sample of navy paint and painted a lot of frames that I had left over in the house. Still need to change out the actual pictures (except for the Aggie football helmet of course--this kid needs to know where he's headed, right?? Yes. We do support brainwashing.)
Justin made this table out of an Easton bat. :) If you haven't heard, that's our cutie's name-to-be. We bought a round piece of wood and a rectangle from Lowe's and Hobby lobby and J just screwed them into the bat.
Quite empty bookshelf that we bought for $20 at target and modge podged a map to the back. My geography teacher baby-daddy loved this idea. Again...thank you Pinterest for the inspiration. And yes, we realize a glass vase filled with baseballs perched upon a bookshelf isn't exactly toddler friendly. But we're still a ways away from a walking child. We'll cross that safety bridge before we need to, no worries.I had two Ikea mirrors (from Justin's man cave) that I painted with green paint and recycled the Astrodome picture that J had in this room when it was his man cave. That was a fun project that I just had printed at Kinkos and Modge Podged to a canvas. The dresser is from Ikea and will be his changing table as well when we get our changing pad. It's the perfect height for ALLLLL of those dirty diapers/fireman impressions our baby will do. Get it? Yeah...that's what you get with little pee-pees.

We still have a long way to go, but at least it's a start. I've heard a baby needs stuff like a mattress, diapers, books, clothes, sheets, etc. But whatevs. At least his room is cute. The ONE thing I KNOW I can do is decorate his room--all the "mom" stuff will hopefully come with time.


Beth said...

That's it. We are moving to Texas so I can a) MEET YOU and b) we can craft together.

I really love it. Love the striped wall and the sunshine pic. And the bookshelf and the table. And the dresser and the mobile. You're doing a GREAT job!

I like whimsy in a nursery, but I HATE cheesy baby themes. A lot. I seriously love the vibe in the room so far...!

That is all. :)

Ethan's Folks said...

Easton's room is precious! Love his name, too. So super excited for you guys :)

Mrs. Richardson said...

LOVE IT!!!! It's SO you and it's great! It's boy-ish, not super nursery-y, and everything you said you wanted it to be. YAY! You did great!!

RanAshKenCoop said...

So cute Laura! You guys did a great job - I'm so impressed! Also, we have that same dresser in Kendall's room and we have been so pleased with it. Excited for yall!

Kim said...

It is all beautiful Laura!