Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pregnancy Update (+ a little more baby room)

Timeline: 31 weeks and 2 days
Countdown: 8 weeks and 5 days (what?!?!)
Cravings: None. Seriously. I just want things I've always loved. The one weird thing that is happening to my eating habits is that Mexican restaurants (not food--just restaurants) don't sound good to me. I still make Mexican at home but for some reason, I haven't had a desire to go get any Tex-Mex lately. Verrry weird.
Weight Gain: The healthy amount :) I'm always a little thrown when someone asks me how much I've gained. Just because I'm pregnant, doesn't mean that this information is appropriate to ask about, right? Let's just say I see numbers on the scale I've never seen before. I'm still well within the suggested gain and the baby is growing GREAT.
Name: Easton Nichols. And yes, I realize that's lacking a middle name. That will come when he does :).
Symptoms: Heartburn. I can put away Tums like no one's business. And not logical heartburn--I can eat tacos and be fine but then chow down some Chex cereal and feel like a fire-breathing dragon. Other than that and the midnight restroom breaks, I feel fantastic. I'm getting a little more tired than I have been, but I guess that's what the 3rd trimester brings.
Baby growth: He's fantastic! As of about a 3 weeks ago, he was 3 pounds. And yes. That's big. He's in the 75th percentile, which scales up to an 8 lb. baby at term. And that's where he better stay. He moves ALL the time. Kicks me in the ribs, sticks his little hiney awkwardly out of the side of my abdomen until I shove him back in, kicks my bladder, hiccups, the whole nine yards. I'm starting to get emotional about it, too. It's such a privilege to hold him and grow him and feel those kicks and movements. A blessing I will never forget. While I can't WAIT to see these little kicks and pat his little hiney, the feeling of growing a child is incredible. I am simply amazed. It's incredible that from one cell 31 weeks ago, I have a child who can kick me so hard it hurts. God is AMAZING.

In other news, the baby sitter I had lined up since February backed out on us last week. And yes...bring on the panic and tears. Not only am I TORN about going back to work (seriously--break down in tears frequently), now we have to throw this whole mess in! I'm kind of scrambling right now and trying to find a back up plan (and be praying that my 1st back up plan decides that it is a good decision for her and her family!) but I know the Lord has it under control. The only reason I am going back to school is the fact that I had the initial babysitter lined up. At this point, it is too late (in my opinion) to put my school in the rough spot of trying to replace me for this year. So I know that this is the Lord's timing--he wouldn't have had the first babysitter say "yes" initially and then say "no" so late in the game if he wanted me to stay home this year so I know He will provide. And if He closes the door on me working, we'll figure out that scenario when we get there!

One more piece of fun that I added to Easy's room:
I am still waiting on our glider (this is an Ikea chair from our bedroom that is playing the role of visual stand-in while I put the room together) but I know that I will need a footstool with the glider. Gliding footstools can cost up to $300 (what?!) and to be honest, this room is too small to have a large foot rest in the middle. I can just picture the midnight feedings that start with me busting my toes on a behemoth footstool. No thanks. So I bought this option at Ikea for $30. It comes padded but not covered, so I stapled some cheap fabric that is SUPER sturdy (it's actually outdoor fabric!) to the frame. The legs were initially black so I grabbed my handy-dandy no-VOC Olympic paint sample (wow, that's much more of a mouth full than "handy dandy notebook") and went to town. So there you have it. Where my tired tootsies will rest while I feed my sweetness. I love that I get to use fun colors and patterns in this room. It's a blast to be so fun!

That's all for now. Please be praying for someone to watch my precious boy while I go back to school for at least one more year. I have ALWAYS wanted to be stay-at-home, but I absolutely adore what I do. I strongly believe that the Lord has at least 150 more sweethearts for me to change and get changed by and I know He will provide for our family in that.

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