Friday, September 9, 2011

the THREE of us

So, want a little story?  Cause I got one for you.

Last Wednesday, I went to the doctor for my first weekly visit.  Technically, I was 36 weeks.  Back up 3 days: we finished Easton's room, bought the last of our baby supplies (including newborn clothes--for some reason, we hadn't been given hardly any), and packed his bag.  I cooked 3 more meals to freeze and all I had left to do was cook one more meal and freeze some homemade cookie dough.  I figured I would do that Labor Day weekend sometime between Aggie First Yell and the first football game (and yes, I was planning on waddling up the ramps to see it).  Okay, back to Wednesday.  My doctor examined me and we had an ultrasound.  Easton was estimated to be 7.5 lbs (!!!!) and my doctor was sure he would come early (I mean, come on, a 7.5 lb baby does NOT need 4 more weeks of growth.  That's just mean).  When I asked how early so that I could make sure my sub plans were ready, she said probably 2 weeks.  Cue the slight freak out.

On my way home, I called Justin and, of course, he didn't answer.  So, I prepared my "I have already told you, you need to ALWAYS have your phone on" speech to give to him yet again.  When he called me back, I delivered the speech flawlessly and he said "I know, I know" and then shared in my slight freak out.  We talked about all of the stuff that we needed to do in the next two weeks.  When I got home, all of that "stuff" seemed like it could wait until the weekend.  We planned a date night for Thursday night so we could spend some one-on-one time before the weekend got crazy.  I made a to-do list of all of the "stuff" for that weekend.  Justin decided we should probably pack our bag, but I wanted to wait because I still needed nursing bras/tops and something comfy to wear while I was at the hospital.  I wanted to do that on Saturday when I had some time.  I also told Justin I would be home late on Thursday evening so that I could get EVERYTHING ready for a sub to walk in my room and take over.

Before we go on, cue "Isn't it Ironic?" in your head.  You got it?  Are you singing it in your best Alanis voice?  Okay, good.

I woke up at 1 am on Thursday morning and thought I lost bladder control.  It felt like I leaked a tiny bit of pee and I was too embarrassed to wake Justin up and tell him.  I changed clothes, went back to bed, and tried to sleep.  I woke up twice with cramps that didn't feel too bad.  Little did I know...

The next morning, I went to school and found my principal and substitute coordinator to let them know it would probably be more like 2 weeks instead of 4, so be ready.  I then went to teach 1st period.  I didn't feel well, so I taught while sitting on a stool.  I got up once to write on the board some of the comments that were being made during a class discussion and felt a HUGE gush of fluid.  Freaked out, I QUICKLY sat back down--1st period is a class full of 9th graders and if I just wet my pants, I was NOT going to let them know.  After that class, I dashed to the restroom, freaked out that my pants were completely soaked through, and made it to another teacher's room to ask for a jacket.  At this point, I knew I wasn't revisiting my bed wetting days--something else was happening.  I went back to class and sent the "I need a sub now" email to our coordinator...

...and then proceeded to teach all of 2nd period waiting on a sub.  Best. Teacher. Story. Ever.  I told this class (my senior AP Bio students) what was happening and they proceeded to join in my freak out.  They started to discuss what they needed to do--which, if I needed it, I do have several EMT certified students in that class.  They are super sweet and I really wanted to say "over my dead body would one of my students 'help' me in this situation", but all I did was smile.  An AP came in at the end of the period and I left everything as it was (read: a mess) and dashed out the door.

I called Justin and luckily my speech worked.  He answered in class and then HIS class joined in our freak out.  So at this point, the two of us, my co-workers, and approximately 50 students are freaking out.  I came home, changed clothes, grabbed NOTHING else, and went to pick up Justin.  The whole trip to the hospital I cried and apologized for making him miss school for what I was sure would turn out to be nothing.  We went to the doctor where we waited an hour to be seen.  During this time, I realized that I was having very regular (every 4 minutes or so) contractions that were pretty strong.  I think my adrenaline had prevented me from noticing them before that.  Those tears and apologies in the car were now starting to seem silly to me (as if they weren't silly before that).  When my doctor checked me, she simply said "you're having a baby today".  Cue MAJOR freak out.

I hadn't practiced my breathing.  I hadn't bought "What to Expect the First Year".  I had nothing but Tums in my purse.  I was STARVING (and those crazy people at the hospital don't let you eat in labor).  My room at school was a mess and my sub plans didn't start for another TWO weeks.  I had nothing prepared for the next day and the long-term sub couldn't start for another 2 weeks.  But he was coming anyways.  And somehow I felt ready.  I knew everything around us was a mess, but we were ready for this little one.

We rode the elevator down to the L&D floor and got settled.  Justin went back to school and to our house to pack our bag and pick up what we needed and I settled in to dealing with contractions.  After school let out, a co-worker called and I, through the pain, gave her plans for the next day (although I know it was still a MESS--so blessed to have co-workers that are staying super late at school to handle my business AND their own).  At about 4:00, I couldn't take it anymore and got an epidural.  Best. Thing. Ever.  After that, my doctor came in to do an exam and told us Easton would probably arrive at 9:00 or 10:00.  At 6:30, I started to feel a CRAZY need to push.  The nurse shift change happened at 7:00 and our nurse coming in happened to be a sweet friend of Justin's from high school.  So blessed to have her and not a minute too soon!  When I told her I needed to push but that we were still really far off from what the doctor said, she did a quick check.  Sure enough, Easton decided he needed to come earlier still.  We started the pushing process at 7:15 and Easton James came at 7:50.

Crazy. good. day.

He was PERFECT.  Head full of strawberry-blond hair.  6 lbs 11 oz (your mama thanks you, sweet kid, for NOT being a giant baby).  20 inches long.  Pure gorgeousness.

They say that becoming a mom and seeing your baby is like nothing you've ever experienced and I totally agree.  I can't believe the love I feel for him or the selflessness he instilled in our hearts IMMEDIATELY.  We are incredibly blessed with a beautiful miracle and are continuously amazed at God's goodness to us.

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