Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinterest and baby Easton

* I wrote a lot of this post the night before Easton was born.  I thought about changing the opening paragraphs but I thought I'd leave it for irony's sake.

{So, there's going to be a baby in my lap in 3 weeks or less. Intense. We've started school again and I come home exhausted everyday. It's hard work to carry a big baby in your belly and take care of 150 other babies during the day. But I do love it! School is taking a lot of that "nesting" instinct away from me. Trying to prep a class for six weeks that I meticulously control and plan for on a day to day basis is intense. I'm trying to prep everything I possibly can so I won't come back to a totally destroyed room at the end of my pregnancy.

Easton could literally come any day. So we've finished his room, bought everything we think we need, and packed his bag for the hospital. We still need to pack ours and install the car seat. I still haven't decided how totally lame it would be to drive around for the next 3 weeks with an empty car seat. Too first time mom of me? We shall see. In this very last stage of pregnancy, my feet have decided they want to swell at the end of the day--granted I'm up on them all day long so they are probably just mad at me. I've also filled our fridge with frozen dinners for when I'm out of commission. I know we're not ready and never will be, but I think all the crazy nesting here and at school is helping with my nerves--at least I know something will go right.}

*(little did I know, my planning wasn't sufficient!)

In other news, I (and the rest of the world) have fallen in love with the genius that is Pinterest. Sadly, I've seen a lot of people say that they pin stuff and then never do them. Maybe I'm crazy, but I have done TONS of stuff from Pinterest. I decided to put together a "greatest hits" list of the stuff I've done with pictures of my projects!

#1: Map bookshelf- we sought out a map with the right dimensions and cut it to size.  Justin helped me spray adhesive to our cheap-o target shelf and attach the map.  I then went over it with a couple coats of Mod Podge for strength.
 Of course, the inspiration bookshelf is WAY cuter than mine.  I still like how much character it brought to this $20 bookshelf!

#2: Mobile:  I have shown this before, but I copied this mobile.  I bought 2 embroidery hoops and several sheets of cardstock from the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby.  I then cut out TONS of circles and attached them to the hoops using invisible string. 
Results?  LOVE IT!

#3: You Are My Sunshine canvas:  I debated showing you this because it is a copy of something you can buy on Etsy.  But alas, I am cheap, and if I can do something myself, I will.  No real instructions necessary.  Just paint, brushes, and time.
Onto the next one...
#4: Baseball Table: Since our son conveniently has a name of a baseball equipment company, we knew we would have to incorporate some Easton things.  My friend Amanda pointed this out to me and Justin went to work making it for us.  After a lot of harsh words directed at a level that kept showing us lopsided work, we finally got a functional table.

It holds burp rags beside Easton's rocker and yes, E's loving father has already strapped it to the wall (you can see that in the picture).

#5: Covered Wipe Box: Again, Mod Podge to the rescue.  I used the fabric that I had leftover from covering the footstool in Easton's room.  I simply cut a strip to size and mod podged away.  Actually, I did this project by candle light during a power outage during one of our 2 storms since February.  This drought has been NUTS.  I have been using this since E was born and it has held up nicely.

#6: Car Trash Can: I HATE trash cans in cars because they either a) are in your way or b) fall over.  So logically I just throw it in that cuby on the door.  Trashy, no?  But I loved  this one when I saw it.  Here's mine:
And it keeps my fancy, new (to me) car clean!  We bought a CR-V in August and I love it!

I have also sewn a nursing cover, decorated a baby shower, and made a faux- capiz mobile for a friend plus man other little projects.

For Christmas, I have sewn our stockings and hung them using a GENIUS idea.  I saw a pin where they used only 2 stocking holders and a curtain rod in between them to hang a family's worth of stockings.  This way as babies come into our lives, I don't have to hunt matching stocking colors!  

I have also used microwave cleaning strategies and organizational tips.  In the kitchen I have: learned to cook bacon in the oven, made smores cookies, cinnamon roll cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie pie, cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread, chicken parm meatloaf, lasagna soup, potstickers, and many more.

How fun?  So glad I'm finally publishing this post nearly 3 months after starting it!  Slacker much?

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