Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

As I is and write this, my FOUR (sigh) month old baby is sleeping and I'm cringing through another night of fireworks.  And no, that date stamp isn't wrong.  It's January 2nd and some lovely person is STILL shooting off fireworks.  Every pop makes me worry my baby will awaken.  I'll be the first to admit, I am a party pooper.  Always have been.  It sucks to live with me (sorry Micaela, the rest of my family, Lindsey, Bridget, Ashley, Reba, and Kiki).  I'm the person who is always worried about getting sleep and quiet.  You know that annoying person who tells people that are having fun, enjoying life to be quiet?  That's this girl (*points both thumbs to chest*). It doesn't surprise me one bit that the old lady would come out it in me when every person in our neighborhood spends a bajillion bucks on fireworks to shoot off on New Years.  Granted, I knew it would happen and held the old lady in and thought the 25 year old in me won out until our neighbors came out at 11:45 on the 31st, blasted that new fangled rap music from their automobiles, and then at midnight, set off a box of blackcats.  Not a few.  A freakin box.  In the street.  Right outside Easy's window.  Thanks, guys.  Plus, we have firework trash in our yard.  Those hooligans. (Seriously, they are great, quiet neighbors--this was a one time event) It's funny how your feelings change when a baby is in the house.

In other news, Easton is sleeping in his big boy room now (sigh, again) and consistently sleeping through the night.  Bless his heart.  At this stage in his life, he's LOVING his Bumbo chair because he loves to sit up.  He is also starting to grab at things...or at least try to grab at things.  He has a play gym that he lays under and he tries to grab the animals above him but they move whenever he touches them.  He's precious because he gets his concentration face on and reaches as best he can to the animal (current favorite is the Lion but the giraffe is making a move for his affection), but inevitably his poor coordination causes the choice animal to move out of his little hand.  He'll try for a few more seconds and then throw his arms out and straighten his body out as he lets out the sweetest grunt of frustration.  But Mama didn't raise no quitter- once he gets the frustration out, he's back to trying.  Also, he rolled over 3 times.  However, I'm pretty sure he did it on accident.  It sure is easy to gain momentum when your head is such a huge portion of your body!

In other family news, Justin has about a month before baseball season starts which will last until May.  It's a long time for me to think about, but it may help the year go by faster.  He's excited because he gets to play everyday after school .

Also, I had my first Pinterest failure.  You've probably seen the One Pot Mac N Cheese floating around and you may have even pinned it.  Go right this second and un-pin it.  It was nas-d.  Neither one of us liked it.

(And lastly, this is seriously not a brag but a me, I am still a pathetic waste in comparison to what I should be. Yay for grace)  In August, we bought a CR-V for me to drive and paid for it straight up.  Nothing makes you feel like an adult more than writing a check for the full value of a car.  We sold my junky car for more money than we had expected.  In fact, we had planned on donating it but searched several options and had zero promising hits.  So, the budgeters in us who name every penny and save my entire salary saw these extra dollar signs and got giddy.  Oh the things we could save for!  New carpet??  New couches?? Put it towards an eventual new car for Justin?  So fun.  I was contemplating it one day alone and the Lord brought the couple in Acts who sold their land to my mind.  Every time I thought of the money, I thought of this couple.  Let me just say this: God can be scary.  They freakin dropped dead.  Like instantly.  Not because they didn't give it all but because they said they gave it all and didn't.  I know that the Lord calls us to be good stewards of what He has given us.  Sometimes, that means selling a car and putting the money in the budget.  This time, however, He told us to give it to Him.  So we did.  Now I know that seems dumb.  You may be thinking "you wanted to donate it anyways, braggy woman."  But we are seriously such sticklers about our budget that this meant getting ahead in some categories.  To give it all meant a lot.  And I am thankful for the step of faith.  Now, I don't have one of those stories where I can say "The next day, we received a check that was EXACTLY the amount we had given!"  But I can say it is a sweet thing to obey what the Lord calls you to do.  Like I said, He's scary...but He loves me.  Unconditionally.  With a passion.  And that love is something worth obeying.  If He wants the money, He can have it.  Like the lovely Dave Barnes sings, "there ain't a thing we need that Heaven forgot.  It was given, babe.  It was given."

(Do you know Dave?  You should.  He's the bomb.  Check him out.  Plus, he's hilarious.  Every time I see him in concert or watch one of his youtube videos, it reaffirms my belief that we should be BFFs.  Plus, he ROCKS Christmas and this was his song before country music crapped on in it.)